About Us

Foundation was in 2002 and started professional training path by establishing the first training Center (Leaders Training Center), which started its activity in Dubai, UAE. Ever since the group expanded to include five companies and more than 9 branches in Middle East Our previous work includes more than 15,000 trainees in more than 11 countries worldwide through latest training technics. this was achieved through large base of trainers and training specialists in addition the academics and Licensed specialists with Multiple Professional courses and programs.

Our Clients

We have provided training interventions to large and small businesses and organizations .Throughout Middle East and worldwide

Our Guiding Principles

We pursue the highest quality in all our training intervention by ensuring that our materials are : Relevant and unit standard aligned Our facilitators are experts in their field and Experienced ETD professionals and that our Approach to leaning is both visionary and Innovative

Our Accreditation Status

We are fully accredited by Dubai Knowledge and Human Development Authority.We are fully accredited by the American Institute of Leadership Studies.As well as many important approvals from international institutions

We have more than 9 branches & many global agents and coordinators
Around the world

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