The Government Excellence Model

The Government Excellence Model (GEM) represents the philosophy of organizational excellence and the leadership mentality that believes that quality and organizational excellence are key for achieving leadership and enabling effective, positive governments to shape the future.

The Government Excellence Model (GEM) has been divided into three main pillars representing the basic foundations. Through these foundations, the government entity can achieve leadership position by conducting its main activities effectively to ensure the achievement of their objectives and the government’s objectives through the optimal use of resources and ongoing pursuit of learning and development.

Assessment Approach

The evaluation methodology is a guiding tool for evaluating the performance of entities that implement the government excellence model which serves as a foundation for assessing the leading position of entities and the percentage of achieving the vision of the government and the country. The purpose of the evaluation methodology is to assess the leading position of government entities which are determined based on the final result calculated.

The assessment approach in the Government Excellence Model is divided of two main sections: (1) assessment of capabilities, and (2) assessment of results.

Capabilities are assessed using three main criteria:

  • Effectiveness.
  • Efficiency.
  • Learning and Development.

Results are assessed using four main criteria:

  • Comprehensiveness and Usability.
  • Achievement of Results.
  • Performance Development.
  • Leading Position.
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